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October wouldn't exist without the help of others!


First and foremost, this project only lives thanks to the continuing efforts of Lea Anthony and the Wails project.

The first iteration of this project died (of author burnout) from battling too much with Electron, getting it to integrate nicely with sqlite3 libraries and while trying to adhere to the security model.

In comparison, Wails (especially v2!) has been a lot more fun and gave this project a second life.

With stumbling across it, I probably would've given up entirely!

Base assets:

  • Octopus and glasses icons from Google's Noto Emoji project
  • Used under the SIL Open Font License, visible under assets/LICENSE
  • Mashup generated by Google Keyboard's Emoji Kitchen
  • The end result does not directly use images from the noto-emoji repo but does indirectly through Google Keyboard, so the SIL Open Font License is understood to still apply.
  • Book image from Merlin2525
  • Base image released under Public Domain by author and colour swapped from red to blue
  • Final logo compiled from the above assets by The Oligopolist.
  • As a derivation of assets released under the SIL Open Font License, the same license still applies to the end result.